Powerfully & safely permeate hunting clothes with cover scent inside your clothes container then switch to buck lure and take it to the woods. Simply place a few drops of cover scent/attractant on the absorbing pad, press the 'on' button and the fan in the unit produces intense but near silent revolutions to project your favorite scent into your clothes container/hunting environment.

Deercon in Action:

Michael Lee of Backwoods Life

"Great idea for getting your scent gently in the area to draw in deer for a shot" - Michael Lee, co-host of Backwoods Life


  • Slowly puts scent in your hunting zone so you don't have to reapply
  • Lightweight and fits right into your hunting pack
  • Can change scents easily in seconds
  • Fits inside any airtight container/ scent proof clothes bag.
  • Keeps your clothing from picking up unwanted odors while traveling and during storage.
  • Operation is simple.
  • Reusable & replaceable scent pads.
  • Store your hunting clothes in any airtight container with the DEERCON and keep them odor-free and ready for the field.
  • Increases your chance for success!



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